Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Closets are coming out of the closet!

I came across a few beautifully decorated CLOSETS today and had to share (yes closets).  I have a hard time with the common areas of my house, much less thinking about how my closets look.  But, I know I feel better when I look in my closet and it is clean and organized.  It makes me happy to start my day able to find all of my stuff instead of last minute searches for clothes and accessories.

I do not think the following beautiful closets are everything I dream about. For one thing they most likely cost a fortune to design.  However, what I really love about them are things that I can add that won't break the bank.

The things I really love about this first example from CocoCozy is the natural light and the chandelier.


I can say the same thing about this closet from Canadian House and Home!

I LOVE the color in this dressing room from Apartment Therapy:

From Adore Vintage Home Blog I see a puppy I could instantly fall in love with, and along with him (or her!) I love the color in the rug, the chandelier and the natural light yet again.

What are the two or three things that catch your eye in multiple spaces?  Think of a way to bring those items in to your space with out a complete redo of the space.

I will be re-thinking my own closet in the next few months!

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