Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh Z'Gallerie how I LOVE thee!

Oh, Z'Gallerie, how I have missed you!  I stopped in their "new" location in Mesa/Gilbert and fell in love with 100 things!  Z'Gallerie had a huge area dedicated to my two favorite colors: aqua and white furniture, accessories and bedding.  Oh lala!

This beautiful blue/grey velvet covered  Pauline sofa and chair were beautiful with a lot of style.  I love the nailhead trim on the front of the arms.

The tufted Ella Sleigh Bed in white is lovely with the aqua and white bedding.

Here is another look at the bed.  Though I love the style, in a smaller room realize the headboard causes the bed to jut out into the room about an additional 9 inches.

While wandering through and looking at the details, my Dad pointed out the only thing in the store he liked; the turtle.  :)

This chair I originally saw in a blog post this week, and wallah!  Here they are!


I LOVE the garden seats!

Here are some of my most favorite accessories!


  1. Hi Valerie, thanks for stopping by my blog via Kate's. I'm always thrilled to find a blog in it's infancy because you get to know the blogger's whole story and don't miss a thing. I'm your 3rd follower!

  2. Welcome Karen! Thank you for following! This is surely a blog in its infancy, but having a lot of fun learning the ropes!

  3. Girlfriend, we have identical taste. Half of my home is from Z Gallerie. :-)