Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An old bench finds new life!

This bench glider has been out in my yard in the elements for almost 5 years.  It was there when we bought the house, and it was in a terrible state of neglect.  I decided to clean it up, give it a makeover and use it for seating on my patio.

After scrubbing the bench I used a rotary sander and sanded down the slats.  There were a few missing nuts and bolts that I matched and replaced, using Loctite to keep them from becoming loose.

To make sure any painting I did would last, I sprayed the metal and wood with Rustoleum Primer.  A day or so later, I sprayed the bench with Rustoleum glossy black spray paint.  We had a few windy days which delayed the project.

I finished up the bench with a new cushion which I had a friend upholster in a black and white Sunbrella fabric. Adding a few decorative pillows from Pier One completed the project!

The bench went from neglected to fabulous, and the project cost less than $70!  And, I love it!