Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gallery Walls

A home is not a home until I have covered every bit of wall space with pictures, wall art and family photography.  This drives my better half bonkers; he has that whole architect/minimalism thing down pat.  When I asked him what he thought, his reply was, "I like the wall color you picked."  Gah.

I started with a fresh coat of Dunn Edward's Wells Gray, a nice, neutral, mid-tone, warm gray with green undertones.

I have a rather large collection of frames so I needed to decide what I wanted the wall to look like.  In the past I have used all black frames and displayed them in a grid.  I wanted the gallery to look less matchy and more eclectic, with a mix of vintage and clean lines and a mix of neutral colors such as black, white, cream and gray.  I also wanted to use what I had and not make any new frame purchases, because frankly, I could open a frame store with the volume of frames that I own.

Since most of my stock of frames is black, I chose some of the frames to paint using RustOleum's Heirloom White spray paint.

I spent a couple of hours laying them out on the floor until the mix was balanced. Pay no attention to the lovely peach carpet from the 80's!

I no longer hang pictures with a hammer and nails, I am using 3M Command Hanging strips.  They are fast and easy and, no more holes in the wall.

Here is the end result.  I have a bit of tweaking to do until it is just right.  The next project is adding furniture!

 This print I purchased from Etsy.  The print is titled, The Sweet Life.

The print is from the same Etsy shop as the print above.  The old crate is a flea market find.  The framed nest is from FOUND.

My wall art inspiration comes from Laura Winslow's Wall Art Wednesday blog posts.  Thank you Laura!

So friends, what do you think?